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National Cadet Corps (NCC)


The College has two NCC units viz. National Cadet Corps 2(TN) Armoured Squadron and National Cadet Corps 2(TN) Infantry Batallion. In the yesteryears, the College also had an Air wing unit. The NCC infantry unit traces its history back to 1922, when Capt. F. Maxwell Lawford recommended that a company of University Crops be instituted in ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE. Later the other two units namely the Armoured Squadron and the Air wing units came into existence.

These NCC units are established in the campus to supplement the practice of the values insisted upon as per the goals and objectives of the College. The units emphasize on developing qualities of character, courage, comradeship , discipline, adventure, sportsmanship and the ideal of selfless service among the students so that they become useful and responsible citizens. NCC trains and provides an avenue for young aspirants to join the armed forces. In every academic year, the training programme of both the NCC units include 80 hours (120 periods) of parades.

Of these periods, ten are allocated for social service. Besides regular parades, the NCC units conduct Annual Training Camps in six phases, with 12 days duration for each phase at various places in Tamilnadu. The final Camp is held in New Delhi as a preparation for the prestigious Republic Day parade. Every year about 7 or 8 cadets are selected and sent for this parade from these units. The cadets are also given training to pass B and C certificates.

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