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Bridge Course in English


The Objectives:


? To bridge the gap between school and collegiate education to meet the students communicative requirements

? To prepare the students for a classroom atmosphere in which English is the medium of instruction.

? To help the students acquire the basic LSRW skills.

Class hours: 10.30 am -12.30 pm and 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

Staff coordinators:

This course is conducted by the Staff Members and scholars of the Department of English.

2013- 14: Dr. S. Papu Benjamin Elango and M. John Britto.

2014- 15: Dr. S. Joseph Arul Jayraj and Mr. V.L. Jayapaul

2015- 16: Dr. S. Joseph Arul Jayraj (Kings Learning Company)

2016- 17: Dr. S. Joseph Arul Jayraj

2017- 18: Dr. John Love Joy, Mr. S. Sajeev and Mr. D. Loyola Innaci

Activities for the Students:


2013- 14: Students exhibited their communicative skills through enactment of drama. Each team consisted of more than 10 students, and this activity enabled the students to overcome their stage fear and enhance their confidence.

2014- 15: Declamation is one of the most significant activities which played a major role in making the students appear before larger audience and speak in English with courage and confidence. Though the students were initially reluctant to take part in the activity owing to their stage fear, their participation made them more confident and more skillful in their communicative skills in English.

2015- 16: In addition to participation in declamation, the students were also encouraged to take part in debate whereby they were able to learn the art of systematic argumentation in English language. The students were very vibrant to put forth their viewpoints. They also actively took part in role plays, which enabled them to improve their fluency and body language.

2016- 17: Students were made to listen to the stories in the language lab and they were asked questions based on the stories. This activity improved the listening and comprehension skills of the students.

2017-18: Students were involved in skit, declamation and debate. In spite of the reluctant attitude of the students, teachers encouraged the students to take part in these activities. The students began to gradually shed their inhibitions and participate voluntarily. They showed a significant progress in gaining confidence and improving their communicative skills in English. The students were encouraged to think creatively to complete the tasks given in the book.




After the completion of the course, there was a significant progress in the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills of the students. Students who had tremendous stage fear were able to overcome it and speak fluently in English. They could easily take part in Group Discussions and exhibit their views in English. Students who had Tamil as the medium of instruction at the school level gained confidence to speak and write in English.

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