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College Motto

(for the Good and the True), the St. Joseph's College has always upheld and radiated Goodness and Truth in its endeavour to impart quality in higher education. This educational establishment has been instrumental in churning out thousands of truly educated persons, physically fit and intellectually well equipped. Thus, this College stands for what is best in education.

The College blazon is a distinctive badge expressing its aim and ideal. It bears azure, with Tiruchirappalli Rock and College Church for distinctive features. The conspicuous Palm Tree in the middle is the Emblem of the East. It bears in fesse, a bow, and above it is the monogram of the Society of Jesus. Its crest is a royal crown and a lily issuant, both in honour of the college Patron, St. Joseph, the crown to signify that he was of David's royal blood, and the lily to signify his spotless purity. Thus the whole in ordinary language would read: The College of St. Joseph conducted by the Members of the Society of Jesus at Tiruchirappalli in the East.


        "Forming globally competent, committed, compassionate and holistic persons, to be men and women for others, promoting a just society."


  • Fostering learning environment to students of diverse background, developing their inherent skills and competencies through reflection, creation of knowledge and service.

  • Nurturing comprehensive learning and best practices through innovative and value-driven pedagogy.

  • Contributing significantly to Higher Education through Teaching, Learning, Research and Extension.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • Graduates will be able to accomplish professional standards in the global environment.

  • Graduates will be able to uphold integrity and human values.

  • Graduates will be able to appreciate and promote pluralism and multiculturalism in working environment.

Goals and Objectives

  • To promote academic excellence in teaching and research;

  • To bring about diversity and flexibility in the courses and patterns of University education which will suit the talents and abilities of the students and bring out the best in them, keeping in mind the needs of the society it seeks to serve;

  • To encourage innovation, specially in three areas:

    • Syllabus,

    • Methods of teaching, and

    • Evaluation;

  • To develop skills of communication and self-study;

  • To strive towards the excellence of the socially and academically disadvantaged among the students through remedial and flexible courses;

  • To arouse in students a sense of social justice, responsibility, compassion, sensitivity and concern for the poor and the disadvantaged through participation in the SHEPHERD Programme;

  • To inculcate in the students through courses in Ethics/Religion, basic moral, social and spiritual values necessary for building up character and developing personality.

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