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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell

We live in a world with rapid technological advances, which were considered fiction a few decades ago. Most of these inventions such as transistor, Facebook, Google and many more, that have shaped our life, have roots in laboratories of educational institutions. Inventions and creations are considered as property of intellectual in nature and there are laws across the globe to prevent the use or misuse of the invention other than the original inventor. Such laws to protect the invention and the interests of the inventor in generalis called Intellectual Property Rights. St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) has a rich history of scientific and literary contribution to the globe since 1844. The college continues to uphold this excellence by creating the IPR Cell.

The aim of IPR Cell is to create awareness and provide guidance to faculty members, research scholars and students on intellectual property rights.

The objectives of the IPR Cell are

  • Provide orientation about IPR for faculties, research scholars and students.
  • Conduct periodic events (Workshop/Seminars/Training) for faculty members, research scholars and students towards IPR to identifying patentable inventions.
  • Promote faculty members and research scholars to carry out patent search to fine-tune their research.
  • The IPR cell facilitates the faculties, research scholars and students in converting their research work to valuable Patents.
  • Facilitate the significance and improve the protection and enforcement of IPR from infringement.

The IPR Cell of our college functions to meet the above objectives and work towards assisting the faculty and students in converting their research work into valuable intellectual property. The Intellectual Property Right Cell (IPR Cell) has been established by the college management. The IPR Cell in was formally inaugurated on 15th June 2018 with a staff orientation program on “Intellectual Property Rights”.

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