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Sacred Heart Hostel

The main concern of Sacred Heart Hostel is character formation coupled with intellectual formation of the students. All the inmates are expected to co-operate fully with the Director and Assistant Directors and with one another in achieving these objectives. They should not engage any activity which may be detrimental to realizing these two objectives.

The motto of Sacred Heart Hostel is "TOWARDS LIFE ABUNDANT". The Hostel has 2 Blocks with 132 rooms (single and multiple beds) and 2 big halls which can accommodate a total of 518 students. The Hostel provides 2 Messes and there are 2 Dining halls with a modern kitchen. Visitors' Room, Reading cum Library Room, Music Room, Television Room, Indoor Games Room, Prayer cum Meeting Hall and a Public Address System are the other facilities of the hostel.



Students will be admitted to the Hostel only after admission to the College and a personal interview with the Director. The parent of the candidate has to be present at the interview by the Director. Application for admission in the form prescribed should be accompanied by a certificate from the Parish Priest (for Catholics) and from the authorities of the hostel or institution where the student previously resided. Membership of the Hostel is for only one year. Senior students wishing to be readmitted will repeat the same procedure for readmission. Those who have not shown sufficient improvement in their studies and have been failing consistently in the examinations may be denied renewal of membership. Dismissal or suspension of a member from the College will involve automatic dismissal or suspension from the Hostel also.


  • Breakfast : 7.00 am. to 8.00 am.
  • Lunch : 12.30 pm. to 2.00 pm.
  • Supper : 7.00 pm. to 8.00 pm.

Study and Silence:

All are expected to be present on the reopening day of the College i.e. whenever the College reopens after a break. All should attend classes punctually and be present in their rooms during study hours. The hostel should be a place where at certain hours, all the students are able to do quiet, undisturbed and serious study.

Everyone should cultivate the habit of hard and consistent work. Strict silence is to be observed from 8.30 pm. to 7.30 am. on all days. At the beginning of the silence time, the hostellers pray together when a prayer song is played over the public address system. Students should stand outside their rooms during this sacred time.

Absence from the hostel at night without written permission from the Director is a serious fault. If anyone has a good reason to go out after 8.30 pm. or expects to return late, he should obtain a late-chit either from the Director or the Asst. Director. Day scholars are not allowed inside the hostel premises during silence hours and during class hours.


Responsibility and self-discipline are the only means to success in life and these are necessary for community living. To help the students acquire responsibility and self-discipline and with a view to providing order and harmony in the hostel campus and an atmosphere for hard work and study, the following guidelines are presented.

Rev.Dr.V.Gilburt Camillus SJ

Contact: 0431 - 422 - 6430

Directors Down the years

1941-45Rev Fr X Vattathara SJ
1945-46Rev Fr Ignatius Hirudayam SJ
1946-50Rev Fr Santiago SJ
1950-54Rev Fr Thamby SJ
1954-57Rev Fr C V Mattam SJ
1957-60Rev Fr Micheal Raj SJ
1960-62Rev Fr Ignatius Hirudayam SJ
1962-65Rev Fr R George SJ
1965-68Rev Fr G Maliekal SJ
1968-72Rev Fr M James SJ
1972-75Rev Fr R George SJ
1975-79Rev Fr Leo Tagore SJ
1979-81Rev Fr P Stanislaus SJ
1981-82Rev Fr Leo Tagore SJ
1982-83Rev Fr J M Dhas SJ
1983-86Rev Fr Felix SJ
1986-88Rev Fr Ignacimuthu SJ
1988-92Rev Fr A Sebastian SJ
1993-96Rev Fr A Joseph SJ SJ
1996-97Rev Fr M Elias SJ
1997-99Rev Fr V Gilbert Camillus SJ
1999-2kRev Fr S Mani Valan SJ
2000-01Rev Fr M Devasagayam SJ
2001-09Rev Fr M Elias SJ
2009-09Rev Dr Sebastian Anand SJ
2009-10Rev Fr Sebasthi John Basker T SJ
2010-11Rev Dr Mani Valan S SJ
2011-12Rev Fr Das R Jesu Michael SJ
2012-13Rev Dr M Arockiasamy Xavier SJ
2013-14Rev Fr S Arul Ravi SJ
2014-17 Rev Fr S Aruldoss SJ
2017-18 Rev Dr S PAUL PRAGASH SJ
2018-20 Rev Fr U Godwin Rufus SJ
2020-22 Rev Dr K Arockiam SJ
2023- Rev. Dr. V. Gilburt Camillus SJ

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