18-07-2024  D 4

Micro Quality Circle

  • Members of the MQC are decentralized functionaries of IQAC at the department level referred to be the Coordinators. They act as contact persons of the department on voluntary basis.

  • They function as the collaborators and facilitator for the smooth functioning of IQAC.

  • The role of the members of MQC is crucial, cumbersome and challenging.

  • They must be intertwined with the faculty members of the department they belong and the activities of the IQAC of the college. In other words they should act as the mediator between the IQAC and the faculty colleagues.

  • They must be aware every nook and corner of the departmental functions.

  • They must maintain a record of the various activities of the department for the preparation of the evaluative report of the department. They should keep track of all the activities starting from admission to the welfare of the students, individual faculty's progress to the growth of the department, etc.

  • They are the brain behind to maintain the quality of the department and enhancing / sustaining the level of the department in all aspects.

  • They are expected to be the masters of the quality checks of the department.

  • They are expected to assist the Head in all aspects.

  • They should have good rapport with all the faculty colleagues and make their presence visible and bright in the department.

  • Members are required to assist the parents during the of Parent-Teachers meet to fillup the feedback form by the parents and the same to be handed over to the IQAC co-ordinator.

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