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Rare Books

The Library is nearly 155 years old and it has some special volumes of general interest. The books are in a brittle state and still we preserve them for the scholars who are doing research.

Books in Latin & Greek (Texts and translation).
French books on Grammar, Poetry, Drama, Fiction and History of French Literature.
Sanskrit books, Vedas and Vedic Literature, Ithihasa, Purana systems of Indian Philosophy and their English translation and some Tamil translations too.
There are some books on Kanda, Urdu, Persian and Bengali etc.
Books on Travelogue with maps.
Books on Biographies of world Personalities, Winston Churchill, Christopher Columbus, Hitler and others. Books World Wars I and II the description of wars.
Good number of books on Indian Archaeology, Antiquities and Numismatics, Inscriptions of Pallavas, Cholas, Pandias and Vijayanagaram etc.
Documents and sources on Indian History.
The collected works of Mahatma Gandhi 90 Volumes and Books of Gandhi’s correspondence with the British Government Nehru's Letters to Chief Ministers etc.
Gazetteers of various districts.
Census Reports of the Madras Presidency.
Reports of the Director of Public Instruction 1885-1947.
Education Commission Reports from 1881-1964.
Government Reports of the Centre and the State of Tamil Nadu, Finance Commission Reports, Annual Reports of Reserve Bank of Indian, Reports on Indian Railways, UNO Publications and World Bank Annual Reports etc.

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