History of Our College

St.Joseph's College is an affiliated First Grade College of the Bharathidasan University. It was established in 1844 by the Fathers of Society of Jesus (The Jesuits). It was affiliated to the then Madras University in 1866. The College celebrated its centenary in 1944, sesquicentenary in 1995 and acquired the Five Star status, awarded by NAAC in 2000. It was recognised by UGC as a College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) in 2004 and was Reaccredited by NAAC with A+ Grade in 2006 and A Grade in the third cycle. The College is owned by the Society of St.Joseph's, a body registered under Societies Regulation Act(1860), having its office at Tiruchirappalli. This Jesuit college trains young men and women of quality to be leaders in all walks of life so that they may serve the people of the nation in truth, justice and love.

Rectors - Down the Years

Sl.No. NameYears
1 Rev Fr Desire Audibert SJ 1844-1846
2 Rev Fr Louis Saint SJ 1846-1850
3 Rev Fr Clement Castanier SJ 1850-1856
4 Rev Fr Andrew Bruni SJ 1856-1858
5 Rev Fr Claud Bedin SJ 1858-1864
6 Rev Fr Andrew Bruni SJ 1864-1866
7 Rev Fr Antony Batut SJ 1866-1872
8 Rev Fr Hercules De Rochely SJ 1872-1876
9 Rev Fr A Jean SJ 1876-1883
10 Rev Fr Joseph Faseuille SJ 1884-1893
11 Rev Fr Leo Barbier SJ 1893-1903
12 Rev Fr Leo Besse SJ 1903-1909
13 Rev Fr Francis Bertram SJ 1909-1917
14 Rev Fr P Carty SJ 1917-1922
15 Rev Fr F X Froehly SJ 1922-1925
16 Rev Fr A Bonhoure SJ 1925-1932
17 Rev Fr J Mahe SJ 1932-1938
18 Rev Fr Jerome D`Souza SJ 1938-1942
19 Rev Fr L Leguen SJ 1942-1945
20 Rev Fr H Pinto SJ 1945-1947
21 Rev Fr J P Kalathil SJ 1948-1954
22 Rev Fr L C Fernandez SJ 1954-1956
23 Rev Fr I Thomas SJ 1957-1962
24 Rev Fr K P Joseph SJ 1962-1966
25 Rev Fr G Casimir SJ 1966-1971
26 Rev Fr I Thomas SJ 1971-1972
27 Rev Fr S M Irudayam SJ 1972-1976
28 Rev Fr J L Gnanarethinam 1976-1982
29 Rev Fr Paul C Jesuraja SJ 1982-1988
30 Rev Dr S John Britto SJ 1988-1991
31 Rev Fr A Leo Tagore SJ 1991-1997
32 Rev Dr A Joseph SJ 1997-2003
33 Rev Dr S Lazar SJ 2003-2009
34 Rev Dr P Susai SJ 2009-2010
35 Rev Dr S John Britto SJ 2010-2017
36 Rev Dr Leonard Fernando SJ 2017-

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