Mentoring Program is an off shoot of counseling. We have introduced the mentoring programme for the all the students of the college as they are in their transitional period of life. Mentoring programme revolves around the Mentors meeting Students every month. It aims at strengthening the dynamics of caring, sharing and learning -knowledge, skills, attitudes, academic heights, personal growth and professionalism between the mentors and the students. The process of mentoring through the year commences with the nomination of the mentors from the respective departments, orientation programme to the mentors, printing of the work book, getting acquainted with the work book "Mentoring through the Year". Monthly meetings are structured and recorded in the work book. We are able to maintain the matrix of 1:20 ratio ( one staff for 20 students in most cases) as all the staff members are involved in the process of mentoring. The students are highly encouraged to meet their mentors during the course of the month. Nevertheless, students must meet their mentors once in a month during the allotted time given to them. The mentors are highly encouraged to refer the needy students for counseling and the counselor meets them and helps in their troubled areas of life.

As a procedure, the counselor selects a theme according to the felt need of the students, followed by a small write up on the theme with inputs and questions. This write up is sent to all the mentors three days prior to the meeting to facilitate a positive interaction between the mentors and mentees. Mentors along with the mentees discuss the agenda; share their concerns that help them to have a positive understanding about the self and the other. Feedback sheets are collected after every meeting. The counselor consolidated the feedbacks and submits a report the principal.

Evidence of success is determined by the value outcome of the clients' positive thinking, changing the maladaptive behaviors, developing self help techniques, improvement in the academic results, developing healthy personalities and assuming family and social responsibilities. Thus, Counseling Centre is committed to nurture psychological healing and growth of the students, staff and the parents on campus.

Dr.John Balaiah, MA (USA), M.Phil., Ph.D.Profile
Student Counsellor
St.Joseph's College
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