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Core Committe Members

Rev.Dr.M.Arockiasamy Xavier SJ
Principal & Chairman
Rev. Dr. S. Peter SJ
Dr. A. Rose Venis
Member Secretary & Dean
Mrs. R. Qurshid Begum
Additional Dean
Dr.V. Alex Ramani
Deputy Principal
Dr. S. Alfred Cecil Raj
Former, IQAC Dean
Rev. Dr. N. Casimir Raj, SJ
Executive Director, JIM-MBA
Rev. Dr. S. Aruldoss, SJ
Dr. K. Alex
Dr. S. Sahaya Sathish
Dean, School of Biological Sciences
Dr. L. Arockiam
Dean, School of Computing Sciences
Dr. G. Beschi
Dean, School of Language and Culture
Rev. Dr. K. Arockiam, SJ
Dean, School of Management Studies
Dr. N. Ravi
Dean, School of Physical Sciences
Dr. S. Albert Rabara
Former, Vice-Principal
Mr. Ra. Krishnakumar
Executive Manager, Dalmia Cements
Dr. S. Rajasekar, IQAC
Director, Bharathidasan University, Trichy
Students' Representatives
Member Secretary & Dean

Additional Dean

Contact: 0431 - 422 - 6469
E-mail: iqaccoor@mail.sjctni.edu
Quest for excellence
Understanding the concept
Learner-centric approach
Innovation for change
Training to build    competencies
Year-round activity

National Colloquium On Autonomous Institutions Marching Towards University Status.

Conference Proceedings

National Conference on HIGHER EDUCATION IN THE KNOWLEDGE AGE : Techno-Pedagogical Perspectives and Innovations