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Students are permitted to browse and update their knowledge freely for an hour per day between 8:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. during their free hours.

Fr. Jerome Center for ICT

The center was named after the former Principal, Rev.Fr.Jerome D'Souza S.J, who was one of the members involved in framing the Constitution of India. The center was opened by Rev.Fr.K.P.Joseph S.J, former Rector, on 12th October 1998.

   Information and Communication Technology(ICT) in education is very helpful in improving the quality of education and obtaining expert knowledge from any corner of the World. A society can become a knowledge society if the ICT tools and the e-Learning Technologies are effectively utilized. St.Joseph's College has established a Centre under the CPE Schemefor the effective utilization of the above technologies in the teaching and learning process so that teachers and students can develop their intellectual capabilities through Information and Communication Technologies.


  • To upkeep the Internet and Intranet facilities in the campus and maintain the College Website.
  • To make St.Joseph's College a digital campus.
  • To use the ICT and e-Learning facilites in the Teaching and Learning process in order to empower teachers and students with the devices of the Information and Communication Technologies.

Salient Features of JCICT

College Website

  • Multi-purpose Dynamic Website of the College
  • Comprehensive Information of the College pertaining to administrators, courses, departments, staff and students, attendance, timetable, library and service organizations,Centres of Excellence, hostels, examination information, and day to day activities of the College.
Campus Networking
  • 100 Mbps Internet Bandwidth through Optic Fibre Cable (OFC)
  • Modern Web Servers and Web Servicing Facilities
  • Secured Networks with Physical Firewall and Antivirus Software
  • IP based VLAN with L3 Switch
  • 200 systems Interconnected in the campus for on line access

Wi-Fi (Wireless Network)
High Difinition AV Studio
High end server with high storage capacity

Video Conferencing
  • SONY PCS-1600/1600P(1+3 MultiConference) Video Conferencing Camera
  • 4 x 128 Kbps ISDN line
  • A static IP address for IP based Video Conferencing
  • Facilites for e-Learning and e-Learning Technologies
  • On Line Learning Facilites
  • Digitized Information Access
  • 40 IBM Systems with Multimedia
  • LCD with Drapper LUMA Pull Down Screen
  • Audio Video Studio
  • e-Learning Contents Design and Development Facilty
  • Envisioning an e-Learning Portal
ICT to the Neighbourhood and the Rural Masses

Reaching out ICT technologies in collaboration with the SHEPHERD Extension Department to Self Help Groups(SHGs), Panchyatiraj Leaders, NGOs, Rural Educationists, Rural School Students, Rural-based Small Scale Industrialists, Agriculturalists and Village Artisans.

  • Training programmes and hands on experience for using Computers and Internet
  • Providing exposure on ICT in the present day context
  • Knowledge of using Website and contacting people through e-Mail
  • On-Line Information about Government Websites and Government Schemes

The center is focusing its services to provide knowledge on ICT to everyone who enters into this great temple of learning and also the neighbourhood so that they can all become competent personalities in building a knowledge society in India.

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