The Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) consisting of

  • Two written tests (Mid & End Semster) for the duration of 2 hours for 30 marks each.
  • Four CIA components with a weightage of 10+10+10+5 for the UG students with 5 marks for attendance and 10+15+10+5 for the PG students.

All the tests have to be taken by the students. However to be eligible to write the Semester Examination a student should have taken atleast one written test and two of the components.

A UG student should get an average of 40% combining the CIA & Semester Examination and PG students should get an average of 50% combining the CIA & Semester Examination for passing a subject. There is no CIA improvement. If a student wants to repeat the semester he/she may do it with Principal's Permission. If a student lacks in attendance, he/she has to repeat the semester.

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