Rules and Regulations

Rules on the conduct of the CIA components, disciplinary action taken against students indulging in malpractice and the basic requirements for the students to appear for the Semester Examinations:

  • Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) is a mandatory requirement for all the students.
  • A student has to attempt all the three components and appear for Mid and End Semester tests.
  • SHEPHERD and Bridge Course are also important sections of the CIA. If a student fails to fulfil the requirement of both these programmes, he will not be allowed to appear for the Semester Examinations.
  • For valid reasons if a student absents himself/herself from a compo- nent or a test, he/she will be given another opportunity, provided he/ she produces relevant documents as soon as he/she returns to the college within a week. Fr. Principal has to give permission using his discretion.
  • There is no minimum mark for CIA. Any one who has completed all the three components and the two tests is eligible to appear for semester examinations even if he/she fails to score 40% and above in the CIA.
  • A student has to pass in the external semester examination as well as score the passing mark in the aggregate (40% UG & 50% PG)
  • If a student fails to pass in the aggregate (40% UG / 50% PG) despite a pass in the semester examination and has scored less than 40% in UG and 50% in PG in CIA, he/she would be permitted to appear for CIA improvement. After completing the improvement, he/she has to ap- pear once again for Semester Arrear Examinations. The previous marks will not be taken into consideration.
  • If a student abstains from completing the components and the tests, he/she will not be permitted to write the semester examination even if he/she has scored 40% and above in the CIA. He/she has to repeat the semester for the particular paper as an arrear.

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