History of Our College

St.Joseph's College is an affiliated First Grade College of the Bharathidasan University. It was established in 1844 by the Fathers of Society of Jesus (The Jesuits). It was affiliated to the then Madras University in 1866. The College celebrated its centenary in 1944, sesquicentenary in 1995 and acquired the Five Star status, awarded by NAAC in 2000. It was recognised by UGC as a College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) in 2004 and was Reaccredited by NAAC with A+ Grade in 2006 and A Grade in the third cycle. The College is owned by the Society of St.Joseph's, a body registered under Societies Regulation Act(1860), having its office at Tiruchirappalli. This Jesuit college trains young men and women of quality to be leaders in all walks of life so that they may serve the people of the nation in truth, justice and love.

College Motto

True to its noble ideal, Pro Bono Et Vero (for the Good and the True),the 175 year old St. Joseph's College has always upheld and radiated Goodness and Truth in its endeavour to impart quality higher education. This educational establishment has been instrumental in churning out thousands of truly educated persons, physically fit and intellectually well equipped. Thus this College stands for what is best in education.

The College blazon is a distinctive badge expressing its aim and ideal. It bears azure, with Tiruchirappalli Rock and college Church for distinctive features. The conspicuous Palm Tree in the middle is the Emblem of the East. It bears in fesse, a bow and above the monogram of the Society of Jesus. Its crest is a royal crown and a lily issuant, both in honour of the college Patron, St. Joseph, the crown to signify that he was of David's royal blood, and the lily to signify his spotless purity. Thus the whole in ordinary language would read: The College of St. Joseph conducted by the Members of the Society of Jesus at Tiruchirappalli in the East.


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